Don’t Slow Play Your Way Out Of Big Pots!


Slow play is a term used in poker – especially Texas Holdem – for trying to lure your opponents into making a massive bet so that you are able to trap them and take down a huge pot.

It’s typically used in combination with a very good pre-flop hand such as pocket Experts on Kings. Rather than gambling big, the player will sit and limp in (call or assess ) as if he doesn’t always have a hand worth gambling, trusting that an opponent will have captured a decrease set or a straight draw and also can come in with a large bet.

It’s a traditional poker game manouever plus yet one that has won plenty of money for poker players through the years, but it has lost it’s effectiveness. The simple reason behind it is that everybody is now slow playing their enormous hands so it’s all but expected.

So just how do you utilize this e-sport cmd368  example to your benefit?

If you grab a big hand, then you have to turn outside gambling. Instead of attempting to lure your opponents into making a move so which it is possible to come in extraordinary, make the bet yourself. Now many amateur players baulk at the notion of the if the remainder of the dining table folds plus they”waste” their huge hand, however in reality you will normally always get some good betting action from somebody.

By betting your big hand rather than slow playing it, you are performing a double bluff as the majority of folks would slow play with it. Your opponents will usually assume you’re bluffing and you will get some gambling action and eventually win more cash.

The other reason you should bet is that in the event you do not bet, you are allowing your competitors a free look at the cards and every time that the card is turned over they could be converting a losing hand into a winning person.

There’s only one situation where it’ll always cover to slow play with your hand when you flop an utter monster which nearly can’t be beaten. You’ve just flopped the nut flush and you’re virtually unbeatable. OK some body might have a couple of Queens, Tens or even Nines and catch a fourth round the river or turn, or they may be holding the King of clubs and capture the Jack for a straight flush, however the possibility of you not winning ‘ are now remote.

This is enough time to slow play with your hands. There are a variety of hands that somebody else may possibly be holding to produce them think they are in a good position here; two other nightclubs, a right draw, triples and sometimes maybe only a Queen to get the top group, whatever they’ve got the odds are someone else will think it’s worth betting. If the flop or river produces a King, Queen Jack, Six or Nine you may get a big raise or maybe an all-in out of some body.

Now you let them build up the pot by calling the stakes and take down the pot with your nut flush.

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