How to Identify the Denominations of Real Clay Poker Chips


If you are interested in learning about Clay Poker Chips, there is one thing that you should focus on: How to Learn Clay Poker Chips. There are many standard colors that are used to identify what each poker chip represents as far as the money figures are concerned. Now, you can learn how to find the colors so that you can spend more time focusing on the game than the money you paid for the Clay Casino Poker Chips

Step 1:

Now, you probably know all those white and blue Real Clay Poker Chips floating around. There is a good reason for this! These are the most common colors when it comes to denominations. When it comes to Clay Poker Chips, these colors reflect a $ 1.00 denomination. If you play low stakes poker, or other games of chance, you will use these for ante, and small bets QQ Online.

Step 2:

Now, on occasion, when you are playing with all the Clay Poker Chips, you may run across Poker Chips. Rather than the fact that they do exist, they are not as common as other denomination colors because they are dealing with wholes and a half in money. They reflect the money amount of $ 2.50. You can play these as stand alone $ 2.50, or use them in place of Real Clay Poker Chips for $ 5.00. Many will also use these chips in Blackjack games.

Step 3:

The Clay Casino Poker Chips is red. These stand for $ 5.00. These are really common when it comes to games of chance. If you are playing with Professional Clay Poker Chips, you are likely to discover this color move across the table frequently.

Step 4:

Now, if the white chips that you are playing with represent the denomination of $ 1.00, then it is likely that the blue chips will not be worth $ 1.00. In this instance, the blue chips would be worth $ 10.00! It is important that you pay close attention to what the whites are like and what the blues are equal to. If you fail to do this, you may end up betting more than you thought.

Step 5:

If you see some green Clay Poker Chips set, these will represent the denomination of $ 25.00. These are the most commonly used high-stakes games. However, the amount is actually low enough that they can also be used in low stakes poker, Texas Holdem and similar games.

Step 6:

There are black colored Real Clay Poker Chips as well. These are most likely to be found in games that have higher bets occurring. They are worth the same $ 100.00 in real money. If you are looking to make some quick cash on an excellent hand, this is the color to throw out!

Step 7:

Last, but not least, Purple Clay Casino Poker Chips represent $ 500.00. When playing this type of poker chip, it is essential to ensure that you can put your money where your chip is!

Brian Garvin and Jeff West have a lot to teach you about Poker Chips.

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